From our feelings of pride and heritage of civilization and with the development and opening-up, we grew up And our hands heritage and traditions of the past and civilization and our minds science and technology present The ambition of youth and experience we have established Jasr Trading & Contracting Company


JASR Trading & Contracting Co. was established in 2005, With CR No. (31700) and License No. (52 140) after the study and knowledge of the full construction and real estate investment sector in the State of Qatar.

  We have been identified the most important problems that interface similar companies in the same field were determined necessary plans so as to avoid the problems and the advancement of the company to gain access to high-end level of quality and speed that we gain the confidence of real estate investment sector, which turned to international companies to implement major projects…


Jasr Trading & Contracting from the companies working in engineering construction, we construct the projects that that are of distinctive character of the company in terms of fast delivery and high quality. The company uses the latest construction methods as well as the latest findings of project management experts in the preparation of projects and the number of required follow-up planning.

The company’s goal to reach best and the best results for the owner in terms of time and quality to return on the company’s good reputation.